Eco friendly

A little gesture can create a huge impact on the World

The best start to make a positive change in the world, is to start from oneself. 

We believe that very small change counts, that all changes start as ideas and that the best we can do is to dream big, be the best selves and inspire others to do the same.
So join us in our Eco Surf Camp and start changing your own life, your own perspective and the World with little everyday small gestures that, like a drop of water in a big lake, will ripple and increase intensity leading to change of people’s minds and hearts.
Go Green!

Be the change you want to see in the world

REusable Water bottles

We are grateful the water in Portugal is clean and drinkable! Therefore, there is no need to buy water bottles and further pollute our beautiful environment with more plastic waste.

The cause of death of numerous land and marine animals, found at depths of thousands of meters up to mountain peaks of Himalaya, degraded to micro particles that enter the food web…Plastic pollution is one of the major (ecological, health & economical) problems of the world today.
Let’s change the single-use mentality: Choose your favourite from our selection of water bottles & use it long-term! This way you contribute to keeping the environment clean as well as taking care of your health*.

With compost and recycling we can make a difference

Besides minimising our waste, we are also recycling it as much as possible, therefore in our camp you will find separate bins for different types of waste: plastic & metal, paper, glass and organic.
We further use food leftovers for our compost. During weeks later, in a completely natural processes, these leftovers turn into nutritious soil for our loquat, mango, strawberries, sage and other happily-growing plants.

Compost & REcycling

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SOlar panels

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Solar and photovoltaic panels for water heating and electricity production

In Jho’La we have installed solar panels for water heating, and photovoltaic panels for energy production.
So when you take a nice warm shower after a long day of surfing or diving you know that is was all made possible by the power of the sun. Also, our photovoltaic panels allow us to use a more efficient and greener energy, making us one step closer to a zero carbon foot print.
What is the best for the environment is usually the best for us too!

Use something old to create something new

Another way we’re trying to reduce our ecological footprint is by upcycling surfboards.
The old, flooded, damaged surfboards, instead of ending up in the garbage bin (and polluting our environment), get fresh new life in our shape room. With new look, ready to be ridden again!

Besides that, we are constantly brainstorming and trying out other, more eco-friendly, materials for our surfboards.
Do you have any ideas?

Upcycled surfboards

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Luffa sponges

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Directly from nature to our kitchen

Did you know that those wide used, commercial washing sponges and clothes are made of plastic? And the worst part is – of non-recyclable plastic (!).
We decided to ditch that non-sustainable and swap them with eco-friendly ones.
Soon, we went even further and now we are proud to say:  We grow our own 100% natural, eco-friendly, sustainable sponges!
😊 Made from a dried fruit of a Luffa plant, related to cucumbers, you can see them growing in our garden and can try them out in the camp’s kitchen.

Respect and Love for the Oceans is not only part of our surf mentality & culture but is also deep in the core of our personal values.

Coming from a profession of Marine Ecology, we offer our knowledge and practical tips on how to be more eco-friendly in everyday life to everyone interested in such topics. We also hope to inspire for positive change and to join us in creating a greener, more sustainable future.
Another one of the things we regularly do is to pick up as much garbage, from the beach, as we can carry, after our surf sessions.
We have also organized and participated in a few beach cleaning actions and are planning to do so in the future.
If you are interested to participate in one, let us know and we’ll be happy to try to organize one during your stay with us!  



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