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hollow wood surfboard

Discover how a surfboard is made

Watch and learn in first hand how surfboards are built.

Have you ever stop to think how surfboards are built? Different types of surfboards for different kind of waves and surfers. There are softboards, epoxy, wood, a huge variety of material used to make this object that provides us with great happiness and fun. At Jho’La Surf Camp you will have the opportunity to learn all of this and if you are lucky you will able to witness one being built during your stay.


When the swell is flat, a surfskate will become your best friend.

Surf-skates have become very popular in the last years, they provide the opportunity to train and practice surf manoeuvres in dry land, create muscle memory and it’s super fun.
Here at Jho’La Surf Camp we build our own surf skates, all hand made, no intensive process involved. During your stay we can also organise surf-skate training at the Skate-Ranch

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