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Dolphin Watching Tours

There is no better way to observe animals than watching them being wild & free in their natural environment. Portugal is a yet undiscovered but a great location to observe wild dolphins! Especially in summer, we often see mums with the new born babies and exciting feeding actions. Species here are often boat-friendly, approaching quite close, allowing you to have a good look at them. Besides numerous fascinating marine birds, which are resident in the high seas, most common species are Common and Bottlenose dolphins and if you are lucky, you might see Orcas, Risso dolphins, blue sharks, turtles and whales.

Horse riding 

On your free day, you can also hop on a horse-riding tour! It is an excellent way to explore the area off the known tracks, get away from the crowds, practice mindfulness and restore your connection with the animals & Nature.

SUP or Kayak Cave Tours

South of Portugal, the Algarve region, is famous for its algars and grottas – characteristic open ceiling cave-like structures, carved by the freshwater run, wind & majestic waves. They are numerous along the coast, but many accessible only from the sea, which makes kayak and SUP (stand up paddle) the best way to explore them! Emerge yourself on an adventure of exploring these breath-taking red- and orange-coloured caves, cliffs, arches and hidden beaches with our professional guides.


If you like hiking, you’ll be happy to hear our little town Luz is on the path of the famous Fishermen’s trail, Rota Vicentina.
From here, you can head west toward a little fishing town Salema (12km) or east toward Lagos (11km), a town of rich cultural and religious heritage, from where back in the days the Portuguese set sails to discover the world.
The path goes along the cliffs, offering mesmerising views of the sea & beaches below. You’ll be amazed with colourful cliffs, volcanic rocks, arches, caves and rock formations emerging from the sea, as well as with the smell of aromatic plants and songs of numerous birds along the path. Look out for the fossils too!